Sunsign Traits - Lucky number, color, birthstone and yearly, monthly horoscope

Sunsign - Lucky number, Lucky color, Birthstone for this year


Lucky Number11
Birth StoneAmethyst
Lucky ColorYellow
Ruling PlanetSaturn
Most Compatible WithLibra
Special QualitiesIntelligent
WeaknessAvoid Rules
Suitable ProfessionMusic Composer
Energy SignsYang
Health ProblemsAnkle Pain
Most Clashes with sunsignVirgo

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Monthly Horoscope prediction for sunsign sign selected

Horoscope for this month

A whole new scenario will happen on the “personal front” in Jan 2015. There will not be a requirement to modify anything or somehow impact the coming up scenario. Whatever should happen – will happen; and all of the present activities will come to their sensible results towards the end of the second ten-day interval. Then you will experience a new division of development for your connections with family members.