Sunsign Traits - Lucky number, color, birthstone and yearly, monthly horoscope

Sunsign - Lucky number, Lucky color, Birthstone for this year


Lucky Number11
Birth StoneAmethyst
Lucky ColorYellow
Ruling PlanetSaturn
Most Compatible WithLibra
Special QualitiesIntelligent
WeaknessAvoid Rules
Suitable ProfessionMusic Composer
Energy SignsYang
Health ProblemsAnkle Pain
Most Clashes with sunsignVirgo

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Monthly Horoscope prediction for sunsign sign selected

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Oct 2015 will be quite a successful here we are at the indication of Aquarius with regards to company and business. What is important is not following the people whom you do not believe in. It does not issue what you say or guarantee, think first. You know very well what to do, even if you do not always look for the sensible justifications to logically assistance your dangerous activities.